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Q: What is a Music Publisher? A: A music publisher takes care of songs written by musicians. We also look for new talents and help them reach new fans, we also take care of all the boring legal stuff. Publishers make sure their artists' content gets into the hands of all the right people who will utilize it. In addition, we fund all the necessary upfront cost required to produce the quality of tracks that will succeed! We also issue licenses and collect royalties for our artists.

Q: How much will it cost me for Music Publishing services? A: Prices vary depending on wether you choose to bulndle our services with one of our package options or individually.

Q: What is an EPK? A: An Electronic Press Kit (EPK) serves as a comprehensive digital portfolio that encapsulates essential information about you as a musician, band, or artist. It's a pivotal tool for engaging with industry professionals, journalists, promoters, and other stakeholders. An EPK is designed to provide a well-organized and easily accessible resource that offers insights into your musical journey, achievements, style, and brand.

Q: I’m a singer but need a beat or backing track. What can I do? A: If you are a singer or songwriter who is in need of pre-produced music We have an extensive library of licensable content. Our music publishing catalog includes all music genres. Pop, electronica, hip-hop, r&b, country and many more! Join our Facebook group to meet musicians online and collaborate!

Q: Can you produce an original track for me? A: Need an original instrumental produced for a track? Amunson Audio provides experienced music production and sound engineering. Splits will be negotiated between artist(s), producer(s), etc. prior to the release.

Q: How will I get paid? A: All music published through Amunson Audio, will be monitored for mechanical licenses and royalties generated. Every fiscal quarter, qualifying artists will receive a royalty deposit within a 6 – 8 week time frame.

Q: Do I need to have my content mastered? A: Most music publishing companies prefer an artist to have all of their EPK submitted tracks mastered at the same time. However, Amunson Audio is capable of providing one for the first published release.

Q: Where will I be able to find my music? A: Amunson Audio works closely with ASCAP, Harry Fox, and other industry-leading professionals. This allows us to provide targeted campaigns for our published music on a global scale. Your music will be available for streaming & purchase on dozens of popular music-streaming platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and many more!

Free Artist Resources

Empower your artistry and elevate your brand with our comprehensive free artist toolkit, including EPK templates, visual identity guides, and instrumental downloads.

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