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Vance Walden & Joe Montana

Vance Walden

Expert in Student Teaching


Vance Walden, an accomplished sound instructor and seasoned audio professional, has left an indelible mark on the world of film and television sound. With a career spanning over three decades, Vance's expertise in sound design, mixing, and composition has enriched the auditory experience of countless productions.

Shaping Soundscapes in Cinema

Born in Boulder, Colorado, Vance's journey in the realm of sound began with his early passion for music and audio engineering. He honed his skills at San Francisco State University, where he cultivated a deep understanding of sound theory and its practical application. Vance's dedication to his craft led him to notable positions at prestigious studios such as One Union Recording, Polarity Post, Audiobanks, and more.

Throughout his career, he contributed his sonic mastery to a diverse array of projects, from radio and television mixing to sound design for acclaimed TV shows like "Higglytown Heroes." In the world of film, Vance's innovation and attention to detail were exemplified in his work on the animated film "Robots." Tasked with capturing the dynamic voice of Robin Williams, Vance's skillful approach elevated the character's personality to new heights. Production initially sent a U87 microphone, but Vance's discerning ear required two microphones for the task. He procured a Klaus Modified U87 mic, known for its brighter tone, and placed it just a meter away from the source. By expertly riding the mic pre and send faders, Vance achieved the perfect balance that brought Robin Williams' lively performance to life.Vance's prowess extended beyond the recording studio. He leveraged cutting-edge technology like ISDN to seamlessly send and receive audio, facilitating collaboration across distances. This dedication to utilizing innovative tools underscored his commitment to delivering the highest quality soundscapes for each project. Beyond his technical prowess, Vance's collaborative spirit and passion for storytelling through sound continued to shine. His work as Principal ADR for films like "The Fighter," "Dear John," and "Operation: Endgame" showcased his ability to meticulously craft audio experiences that seamlessly merged with the visual narrative.

Vance's commitment to sound education was as integral to his legacy as his studio achievements. As a Sound Instructor at the New York Film Academy and Associate Course Director for Film Sound at The Los Angeles Film School, he shared his knowledge and mentored aspiring sound professionals. His influence on the next generation of audio artists further solidified his status as an industry luminary. Vance Walden's journey is one marked by innovation, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to the art of sound. As he continues to leave his sonic imprint on the world of entertainment, his legacy stands as an inspiration to aspiring sound professionals and a testament to the power of creativity in shaping our auditory experiences.

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