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Unlock The Secrets to Award-Winning
Sound Design

Exclusive Critique Opportunity for LAFS Students & Alumni

Why This Opportunity Is Unique

  • Get feedback from award-winning sound engineers such as Vance Walden, Eric Eckstein, Jay Shilliday, and more.

  • Limited Time Offer: The first five submissions will have their critique fee completely waived!

  • Network with professionals in the sound engineering field.


How It Works

  1. Submission: Upload your film project to our secure platform.

  2. Review: Our panel of experts will meticulously critique your film's sound.

  3. Feedback: Receive actionable insights and suggestions for improvement.

  4. Implementation: Apply the feedback to take your sound design to new heights.


Elevate Your Film's Sound with Insights from Industry Experts

Are you an aspiring filmmaker looking to elevate your project’s sound design? Your sound can make or break your film, and who better to guide you than industry-leading sound engineers? Take advantage of this exclusive offer available only for current students and alumni of Los Angeles Film School (LAFS).

Submit Your Project

Don’t miss out on this invaluable learning experience. Space is limited, so act quickly!

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