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Eric Eckstein

Expert in Rapport & Tact

Eric Eckstein stands as a monumental figure in the audio post-production world. Seamlessly merging technical prowess with artistic intuition, his career has navigated the ever-evolving tides of sound design, showcasing a legacy built on innovation, adaptability, and mastery.

The Maestro of Sound Design, Dolby E Expertise, and Post-Production

Commencing his sonic voyage in voice editing, Eric ventured through various soundscapes - from voice recognition to what was initially termed as "sound effects." Entrusted with stock music, he masterfully embedded it with strategic whooshes and effects, transforming the auditory experience from basic tunes to cinematic marvels. Parallel to his professional endeavors, Eric's personal engagement with music and engineering augmented his comprehensive sound repertoire.


Hollywood luminaries, encompassing the likes of Meryl Streep, Robert De Niro, and Dustin Hoffman, have had their iconic voices enriched by Eric's touch. His role wasn't just about recording, but a masterclass in diplomacy and engineering — a dance of guiding luminaries with tact and precision.


Eric's craftsmanship with 2” audio tape in the analog era was nothing short of legendary. With the finesse to shape syllables by meticulously cutting and splicing tape, he could craft vocal nuances akin to today's AI phonetics. Additionally, his prowess extended to the domain of Dolby E. As the industry leaned towards this encoding system to deliver multiple channels of audio via traditional broadcast infrastructures, Eric's expertise in working with Dolby E solidified his reputation as a versatile sound engineer, capable of navigating both the analog and digital realms with equal finesse.

With a LinkedIn profile echoing his sterling contributions, Eric's hallmark tenure at One Union Recording Studios, San Francisco, set the stage for further illustrious collaborations. Moving to Studio Trilogy, as spotlighted by Mixonline and Post Magazine, Eric combined his wealth of experience with Trilogy's avant-garde facilities, pushing the frontiers of sound post-production.

Eric's commitment, as underscored by his LinkedIn profile and extensive work as a Post- Production Sound Mixer, emphasizes a career built on relentless dedication. Beyond his technical acumen, he was renowned for anticipating client aspirations, often diving deep into projects well before their inception. In the contemporary audio landscape, Eric stands unfazed by rapid technological shifts. From a world dominated by tapes, he transitioned to digital realms, cherishing tools like the Avalon preamp for vocals. His work with Dolby E, an integral format in broadcasting, exemplifies his foresight and adaptability.Reflecting upon Eric Eckstein's journey, from voice editing to his adeptness with Dolby E and his leadership roles in esteemed studios, we witness a symphony of a life dedicated to sound — a maestro whose resonance in the world of audio is both profound and unparalleled.

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