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The #1 Resource for

Online Collaboration

At Amunson Audio, we believe that collaboration should be easy, enjoyable, and stress-free. That’s why we’ve created CoLabs, an app that connects people from all over the world instantly and allows them to create together in real-time. Our app is designed to minimize latency issues, allowing for a seamless experience for all users who are connected to the same session. So if you're within 500 miles of each other, say goodbye to high-latency issues that disrupt tempo or syncing. But even more, with CoLabs you can join or host a virtual session, collaborate on film projects, or engage in remote studio sessions effortlessly regardless of distance.

CoLabs Devices

Revolutionizing the Music and Film Industry with Next-Generation Technology

Why CoLabs?

CoLabs stands out distinctly in the competitive landscape of music collaboration platforms primarily due to its unique integration of actual industry professionals and a global network of affiliate studios. Unlike other platforms that might offer theoretical advice or automated services, CoLabs connect users directly with real-world, seasoned industry experts. These professionals bring years of experience, technical skills, and insider knowledge to the table, offering users unparalleled practical insights into the world of music production and sound engineering.

Redefining Music Creation for the Digital Age

  • High-Quality Sound: Experience unmatched clarity with 32bit/384kHz audio, giving you studio-level quality for every session.

  • Real-Time, Low Latency: No more waiting. Play and collaborate with ultra-low latency, making remote sessions feel in-person.

  • Inclusive & Affordable: CoLabs is available on all devices, ensuring everyone gets a fair shot at making amazing music online.

Unleash Your Creativity: Connect, Collaborate

Gone are the days of compromised sound quality and annoying lags. CoLabs presents a new era where musicians, educators, and artists collaborate in real-time, allowing and unparalleled ease of production. With industry professionals on board, gain insights, mentorship, and unparalleled collaboration opportunities.

Creation & Collaboration in Perfect Harmony
  • Musicians & Bands: Reconnect with your band, create fresh tracks or jam in real-time, no matter where you are.

  • Recording Studios: Take studio sessions online, offering artists the flexibility to record from anywhere.

  • Choirs: Fine-tune your choral pieces remotely, ensuring every voice is in sync.

  • Songwriters: Write, refine, and record with collaborators from all over the world.

  • Content Creators: Elevate your live streams with latency compensated duets and performances.

Revolutionizing Music Education
  • Private Tutors: Deliver one-on-one lessons with crystal-clear sound, giving feedback as if you're right beside the student.

  • Schools (K - 12): Turn rehearsals into engaging homework sessions, providing students with a unique, immersive experience.

  • Colleges & Universities: Offer students advanced music courses with the power of CoLabs, ensuring practical, real-time learning.

CoLabs vs. The Rest

CoLabs' expansive network of affiliate studios across the globe sets it apart. Each studio in the network is thoroughly vetted to ensure the highest quality of service and experience. This global reach means that no matter where a user is located, they have access to top-notch studio facilities and the unique sound each studio offers. This network not only increases the accessibility of professional-grade recording and mixing environments but also fosters a sense of community and connection among users worldwide. By choosing CoLabs, users are not just accessing a tool or a service; they're stepping into a vibrant ecosystem of professionals and high-quality studios, each contributing to a richer, more collaborative music creation experience.

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Revolutionary Technology

CoLabs is a revolutionary music publishing technology that allows producers, composers, and musicians to collaborate on projects in real time regardless of location. Utilizing an encrypted server, CoLabs allows users to send and receive studio-quality audio and high-definition video simultaneously with no latency issues. This allows for a seamless virtual session with creatives anywhere in the world! CoLabs makes it easy to collaborate on music and film projects no matter the distance.

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