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Music Publishing


Global Reach including physical and download mechanical licensing
as well as licensing of other uses like
lyrics, sheet music, tabs, and obtaining the licenses for
cover songs.

Tidal Logo

I'm Patrick Jae Amunson, and my goal is to bring a paradigm shift to the music publishing landscape. My ethos is rooted in cultivating a collaborative ecosystem, envisioned as a refreshing departure from the traditionally competitive and mysterious nature of the music industry. I take great pride in offering independent artists a tailored and comprehensive suite of music publishing services. By merging cutting-edge technological prowess with deep industry acumen, I can ensure that your creative works are not only robustly protected but also will effectively reach their deserved audience. Please, visit my LinkedIn page, Facebook profile, or IMDb for credentials!

What I Offer

From Profession To Purpose

Whether you're ready to go all in or need to supplement your current workflow, My personalized approach caters to your unique brand and goals. Get started now by filling out the Music Publishing Client Onboarding Information Form today!

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